handroll is a website generator designed to be simple and fast. You make content in your favorite format and handroll makes a website out of it.

Want to make a blog using Markdown? No problem. How about a personal website in reStructuredText? Sure thing. Maybe Textile is more your style. You’re good.


Get started fast with these commands!

$ pip install handroll
$ handroll scaffold default mysite
$ handroll watch mysite/source
Serving /Users/matt/mysite at http://localhost:8000/.
Press Ctrl-C to quit.

For more details, read on or go to the installation guide.

Who is this for?

handroll is for people who want to use plain text editors to make websites. That group could include programmers, writers, poets, and others.

handroll is a command line tool. In almost all cases, you will only ever need to type handroll, but a basic comfort level with a command line terminal is beneficial.

What can it do?

You can find a full list of features in the developer documentation.

How much?

handroll is free and open source software. That means no cost to you. The tool is made available under the BSD license. In layman’s terms, the developers aren’t liable for anything.


There are many ways to contribute to handroll.

The contributions of others will always be appreciated. Contributors of code or translations are recorded in the source code.

More information

Any other information can be found at the various sites used by the handroll project.